Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is Q Archive?

QArchive is a document archival and retrieval management system.   It is simple to install, easy to implement and can smoothly be integrated to any type of scanners.

Main features of the software are as follows:

1.    File import/upload
Bringing the documents into the system can be obtained by scanning the paper documents or directly importing electronic files such as word processing files, spreadsheets and images from a storage device. The system let users upload files individually or by folder (bulk upload).
2.    Archive   
This is where the documents are categorized and/or sectioned accordingly. Document is also tagged or annotated for easy retrieval.

3.     Annotation Settings
The system allows the user to put annotations and within the settings, the user may opt to change the font style, font size and even the font color. The system is also able to print the original/unedited copy and the annotated document.

4.    Dashboard
This feature provides specific information on the latest system activity, file summary, number of uploads and total documents archived in the system. This is displayed right after you logged in at the system.  Information displayed on the dashboard are:

•    Recent activities of the users
•    10 most recent files uploaded
•    Summary by section and by category
•    Total files uploaded by the users

5.    Reports
•    List of File Groups
•    List of File Group by Category
•    List of File Group by Section
•    Audit Trail Log
•    User Account List

6.    Security Features

•    Audit Trail
            Tracks all activities of the system
•    Setting of User Access Level

Initially, the system has 2 user classifications;
           1.    Administrator – Has access to all features of the system
           2.    User – Has limited access. Only the administrator can select and assign which module will the user may access

•    Standard Login
1.    Requires username and password
2.    Allows the system administrator to change the password
3.    Allows users to retrieve password using a question and answer form for security

QArchive is programmed using Visual C# and developed under .Net Framework 3.5 and uses MS SQL server as its database.  Ftp and IIS are also needed for uploading of files.

QArchive is another quality software product of Qtech, an IT solutions provider.